Export of Russian Commodities in Flexitanks

We've been providing RELYABLE export and logistic services of non-hazardous liquids in flexitanks from RUSSIA, BELARUS and KAZAKHSTAN to EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, AISA and AMERICAS for 3 years now


The core of our export business are
no-bulkhead flexitanks from LIQUATRANS

COA certified

All products by Liquatrans are Container Owners Assiciation certified.

Upto 24Mt Capacity

Both E-FLEX and H-flex felxitanks are available in 24 mts versions.

Heated Versions

Unique H-flex heated flexitanks are to trasnport firm fats, paraffines and liquids in winter.

Our truck fleet is exceeding 20 trucks, each able to carry upto 24 mts of container net-load for both 20DCs and 40 HCs.

As we have our own fleet of trucks based in Novorossiysk we provide most competitive and cost effective trucking services for flexitanked liquids.


We hold the stock of Liquatrans
flexitanks ready for immediate
supply and fit

Liquatrans flexibags are of a variety of capacity - from 16 to 26 thousand liters - from light lube oils, to water, wine, juices, heavy fertilizers and chemicals

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Located in the port area liquids cross-pumping terminal is working 24 hours a day 12 month a year

At our crosspumping terminals located in the area just next to major container terminals of Novorossiysk and St.Peterbugr can process luquids from both truck ans rail cisterns to flexitanks

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Our flexitanks are well known and approved by all major world container lines

We've been holding ongoing contracts for frieght services with all major container lines operating to and from Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and St.Peterburg to satisfy the operative needs of our customers in marine containers

More about our team


We maintain direct business relations with major Russian manufacturing companies that export non-hazardous bulk liquids in flexitanks.

We are the Russian part of a worldwide logistics network headed by a world known manufacturer of flexible packing that provide door-to-door logistics solutions for liqud commodities.

We operate in all major Russian ports.

Also visit our flexible intermadiate bulk container site

Our business skills statistics

Reliability of services

Premium standard

Highest quality of exported products


Payload per 20ft marine containerof of 24 mts as absolute maximum

23,7 Mts

Functioning of export facilities and logistics

24 hours a day 12 month a year

Crude and Refined Sunflower Oils

On our customer request our shipments can be accompanied with quality reports by a FOSFA approved first class superintendents.

Sunflower Seed Oil Fatty Acids and distillates

We provide for long-term contracts to supply products directly from Russian manufacturers that may envisage Door-to-Door base of delivery.

Heavy and Light Neutral Base Oils

Once strating to use Liquatrans flexitank logistics our customers prove to become the most loyal users of Liqua products.

Paraffines and bitumens

With our new innovative high temperature resistant bigbags 1 ton packed road bitumen and food grade paraffines have become an easy export product.

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Growing demand in industrial bulk shipments of different products including glycoles, glycerines, antifreezers and liquid fertlizers, etc. has boosted up our flexitank exports to Europe, Middle East, China, India and other countries.

Other Non-hazadrous Liquid Substances

As a matter of fact we've been trasnporting water from Baikal lake to our customer located 6000 kms far from the lake in our R-flex reefer truck flexitanks for 3 years now.... as well as lots of other liquids to hundreds of locations all over the world.

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